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Business and Entrepreneurial Consultations

We are a business coaching firm that assists corporate, executive, and small business for consult. When quality and quantity break even there is efficiency in effectiveness and vice versa this is a point of parity (POP); Our goals are based on a point of determination (POD) regulating and recognizing the control points of your business and optimizing performance, commodity, and/or service. No matter the (POP) or (POD) diligence and integrity become the most resourced factors in this function. The final flow, program, or algorithm; "Consult Completion".


Business Consultation (per hour) $25.00
Notarizing $5.00

SHT is a universal premier consultancy and management firm specialized in Business Commodity and Services, Revenue management, and Training.  SHT Leadership Consulting also provides small business solutions, coaching, and facilitation services.

We partner with clients to assist you in focusing on putting systems in place where necessary so that your business is diligent, effective, and efficiently running and increasing in profitable margins.

We work with what we anticipate as motivated business owners, who want to increase the value of their business from a macro level and micro managing as a way of the businesses past.

We also help flowchart the structure as you see it before and after your business model has been optimized in such a way so you can sell it for top dollar in 2-5 years if you want to.

As for our integrity your success is our only concern. Give us a call today to set up your complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit for your business. Call: 720-623-8990

Growing and sustaining a business in the age of technology and these coming generations theory brings the customer as a focus and innovation the key in developing faster thought and application execution and timeliness in project phasing completion requires new ways of thinking.

Through external marketing strategies organizations need to shift from an inside-out perspective about customers to an outside-in perspective.  With this SHT helps organizations better align their project strategies with customer needs and expectations.

From measuring customer value to building and enabling great experiences, it becomes less of a task to drive businesses future bottom lines success.

SHT believes the soul and core power the business is Customer Experience, and in the client success stories and insights are a derivative sharing and promoting a culture of privileges and success to give back to the internal customer.

Assess the maturity and effectiveness of contingent workforce programs; We bid where the good bet is and to that we can put our money where our mouth is: with each new client that we bring into the company success stories and insights as a derivative of Increasing the metrics that matter: performance, productivity, and profitability. Further Training and Developing People as a form of solidifying integrity and growth (Quality).

Marketing Consult (Knowledge)

Facebook Ads

  • We can manage Meta Business Manager. Meta Business Manager is a tool that helps you manage the permissions of your Meta Business Account. Your Meta Business Account is a place that holds your Facebook Pages, Instagram profiles, Ad accounts and other business assets, and helps you manage permissions of users on them. This helps you maintain control, security and privacy of all your business assets in the Meta ecosystem.
  • Business Manager works alongside Meta Business Suite and Meta Ads Manager. Meta Business Suite is the one stop shop where you can manage all of your marketing and advertising activities on Facebook and Instagram. Meta Ads Manager is the advertising tool for advanced advertisers.

Yellow Pages

  • We can manage which is your local Yellow and White Pages print directory online! Find your directory on the map. Yellow Pages Search.  It currently offers a broad range of marketing tools including online presence, local search, display ads and direct marketing.

Craigslist Ads

  • We can manage craigslist Ads which provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

Google Ads

  • We can manage and reach customers wherever they are. Show up at the right time and place across the vast Google Ads ecosystem. Let Google's AI find your best performing ad formats across You Tube, Discover, Search, and more to maximize conversions.


  • We can make use of Adobe Express is our commitment to helping you make content in a way that's simple, intuitive, and fast. You can make social posts and stories, ads, banners, logos, flyers and more in minutes.

Photo Editing

  • With image editors we can make your photos shine. We Edit, adjust, crop, and enhance your pictures using Canva's Free Online Photo Editor and Apps impactful photos, social graphics, or animated designs that stand out on any channel, any device.

Our business is your business. We help develop marketing, training, and coaching plans that help you succeed and evolve securely over time. Let us help you 720-623-8990.